The Parrot Line

Throughout the world, there are almost countless birds that exist. However, many of them are endangered species. This is why to make sure that these birds are safe from bird hunters and from other possible factors that could harm them, there are rescue charities for each bird species. In fact, throughout the United Kingdom, a parrot charity was established which is now the largest parrot charity in the country. It is the Parrot Line that was established in 1994/5. Some branches cover the UK coast to coast.

Steve Nichols, the founder of the Parrot Line had conducted studies on parrots. As a result of his studies, he made a decision to protect these birds by assisting parrot owners in his local area. As the parrot owners realized the need for parrot protection and safety, he was able to establish the said parrot charity. He also worked with all the major animal charities and police forces. With regards to the main objectives of Parrot Line, it is to make sure that no parrot suffers needlessly.

In other words, the parrot charity all throughout the United Kingdom leads the good welfare of parrot keeping. To all parrot lovers from pets to breeders, not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world, it would also be a great  thing to be involved in providing the needs of parrots. Parrots are not just funny birds or cute birds. They can truly entertain everyone with their inborn characteristics which is the ability to talk and make different sounds. It is such an intelligent bird.