About Parrot Line

History and Mission

The Parrot Line advisory charity was founded in 1994/5. Operating a 24 hour service 8am till 8pm for all advice and 8pm till 8am for emergencies only. Covering the UK, coast to coast we take in over 20,000 telephone calls and 50,000 email queries per year.

Founded by ‘award winning’ Steve Nichols after 15 years of parrot study, with the sole intention of assisting parrot owners in his local area, no one could ever have thought that there would be such a need for it to grow as it has.

Parrot Line supports the National Parrot Sanctuary (please click to check out their site) and works alongside all the major animal charities and police forces. Their main objectives are to make sure no parrot suffers needlessly.

The aim of this website is assist even further and to get more and more people involved in the good welfare of parrot keeping. We are aiming to create a meeting point for all parrot lovers from pets to breeders, so if you have any ideas of what you would like to see here or make a point on any of the topics, please email us.

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