Supporting Parrot Line UK

Sponsapoll is a way you can help Parrot Line to care for a nominated parrot that is destined to stay in the sanctuary for life. By setting up a standing order mandate for as little as £2.00 per month and up to as much as you like, you can contribute toward the upkeep of a specific parrot. Click here for details.

Adoption matches parrots needing new homes with prospective owners. After you fill in an adoption form, it is entered into the computer. On a parrot coming up for rehoming, we enter the bird’s details and try to match it with a prospective owner. All this is free of charge. Click here for more information about adopting a parrot.

Representatives are people around the UK who assist Parrot Line in taking in parrots on a temporary basis until arrangements can be made to get them to the sanctuary. We have 28 at this time but we are in need of more to help cover various parts of the UK. For more information about becoming a representative, please click here.

Research in several areas is ongoing at Parrot Line. If you have a parrot that feather-plucks, please fill out our research survey here.

For more information on assisting Parrot Line, please contact us.